Slot car racing: Best slots, Best brands

Slot car racing: Best slots, Best brands

The tips posted below will definitely help you in buying the perfect slot car for you: 1-Buy the biggest set you can afford or buy two starters sets. 2-The surface of the track of ninco is very rough, but the surface of sport track is very smooth. The other brands have medium rough track parts. It is wise to find out which brand you like the most. 3-All major brands offer a big range of accessories, such as lap counters and track borders. 4-On the Tracks of Ninco, Scalextric, SCX, Carrera, and Artin you can use all 1/32-scale slot cars. It gives you joy to have a variety of slot cars in your collection. 5-There are currently 5 leading slot cars brands that offer slot cars tracks. Ninco, Scalextric, SCX, Carrera and Artin sell race sets for starters.

Top Slot Cars and Hot MILFs

So what are the top slot cars? There are two ways to look at this: Vintage slot cars and Modern slot cars, it’s like mature women and young girls. Why younger men prefer older women? Speaking for myself I choose sexy big tits milf, because older women have higher sex drive. Seductive cougars have so hot bodies, they excite me just to look at them as sex tube. So back to what we were talking about – slot cars.

Vintage cars

For vintage cars, there were two dominant names in the sport: Tyco slot cars and Aurora slot cars. Both have created vintage vehicles that are considered top slot cars by many, though the Aurora AFX cars remain most popular with slot car racing hobbyists.

Modern cars

For modern cars, there are four brands that I would consider to be top slot cars in production today: Ninco, Scalextric, Carrera and Artin. All have their supporters and detractors. Thankfully, all of them offer sets in 1:32 scale which can be interchanged easily.
For the beginner, my recommendation would be a Scalextric slot car set.
Certainly there have been many, many slot car makers over the years, especially in the 60s heyday. Many of these more limited run vehicles are very sought after by collectors.


For pure racers, though, a homebuilt car using parts stripped from other cars can be one of the most satisfying ways to create a winning car. Remember, top slot cars don’t have to be bought, they can be made!